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Comfortable Nap: The main design of the car seat pillow is to provide the passengers with head and neck support when they fall asleep, providing a more comfortable nap time. The headrest side cushions are filled with a soft and thick memory foam cushion, which is sufficient as a cushion. The pillowcase is made of leather and is easy to clean. Fits most cars with headrest (distance between bars should be more than 3.75 inch).

Adjustable width and height: You can adjust the width between the two headrests by selecting the position of the slot on the telescopic support rod (minimum distance between the two pillows: 10.63 inches). The pillows can also be raised and lowered and rotated 180 degrees to accommodate different heights. If this is not necessary, just lift them to save space inside the car.

Easy Installation : The headrest can be removed, and it can be easily attached to the headrest support bar. First, choose the correct rubber washer to attach to the headrest of the car seat. Then attach the telescopic support rod to the rubber washer. Finally, tighten the cover with a screwdriver.

Care for Passengers : Car seat pillows can comfortably support one side of the head and neck, relax muscles, and prevent the neck from floating due to prolonged bending, fatigue and pain. And protect your head from hits on doors and windows. Take care of your family, friends or business partners.

Telescopic D Esign: The telescopic support rod is made of high quality ABS material, which is stable and safe. The width of the pillow can be adjusted according to the width of the seat. Note: Not suitable for all types of cars and can only be fitted to car seats with headrest levers.

1. What are the functions of car seat pillows?
Lack of head support can cause pain in your neck, and your head is always hit by the door and window when sleeping in a moving car. Therefore, please get a car seat pillow to make your nap in the car more comfortable.

2. Features of our products:
① The pillow is equipped with a soft and thick memory foam cushion, which is suitable as a cushion.
② Leather pillowcase, easy to clean.
③ Adjustable pillow width, suitable for each passenger.
④ 180 ° rotation, suitable for passengers of different heights, saving space.
⑤ Telescopic support rod made of high quality ABS material, stable and safe.
⑥ Detachable pillows are easy to install and store.

Material: ABS + memory cotton / Pu leather
Size: about 36 * 20 * 11cm / 14.2 * 7.9 * 4.3 inch; 23 * 13 * 3cm

Packing list:
1 * packing box
1 * car Pillow
2 * lever caps
1 * Tool Kit

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